Friday, June 3, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

Well I've finally finished my daughters It's a Girl Thing! last night!  I'm stoked because I had to rip out and redo the last 50 or so stitches.  Don't ya just LOVE it when you mis-count??  Here's the finished product!

I started on a new design last night Lizzie Kate's Giggle Boxer series, All you need is Love and Chocolate, and as you can see I've got some some more stitching to do before it's done ;). I'm not sure how much stitching I'll get done this weekend, between my kids, cleaning and possibly meeting up w/ a friend I haven't seen in 16 years my plate is a little full.

And speaking of one of my monsters.... I mean my son, this is the face I look at every day that makes me forget everything else I have to do.  It's like he's my drug of choice and I'm addicted *sigh*.  I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to, say for instance knitting *shudders*..... just the thought of knitting and I break out into hives!  Not because I hate it but because to get my hands to do what my brain says would take an act of congress!  It's just nigh impossible!  However I do love to look at what others knit, I find the finished products to be beautiful.  

Oh well thanks for taking the time to read my blog, since I'm a newbie to the whole blogosphere please be patient with me, and as always comments are much appreciated!

Happy stitching all!!


  1. Congrats on finishing "Girl Thing". It turned out lovely. Your new start looks very promising. What can go wrong anyway when chocolate is involved isn't it?
    Your son is adorable. He is now already melting hearts with that smile of his.

  2. Great stitching! Your little boy is so cute!

  3. Great stitchin', Deb. I love the little fish in your side bar, I sat here for 5 minutes feeding the dang things :)

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
    Hugs, Sandy

  4. The little piece for your daughter is cute. Am with you on the knitting thing, will get others take on that art. Congrats on entering the blogging world.

  5. Really nice stitching and a great start to your blog. Your son is really cute!

    Mary Louise in IN

  6. Wow thanks so much for all the comments! They mean so much to me =)!!!

  7. Congrats on starting your blog. I too am a LK lover.Nice to find a new blogger. Is the It's a Girl thing a LK design. I would love tot do it for my 13 year old neice. Keep Blogging

  8. Love the stitching! Your son is adorable too : ) I have been so intimidated by knitting for soooo many years! I finally challenged myself to learn this year.....I can knit a mean dish towel! ; )

  9. Your finished project looks wonderful! Great stitching! Looking forward to watching the progress on your new project. Hope the meeting up with your long time friend happens. Your son is cute. I have a daughter who does what you are talking about your son doing...keeping you on the straight and narrow.

  10. I hope I didn't overfeed your fish. :-( What a fun little gadget to have on your blog. I know nothing about blogs, but I think you're off to a great start!

    The "girl thing" design is adorable ~ and so is your little boy!
    - Lorraine

  11. Hey Deb, know exactly what you mean :D Lovely finish and start.
    LiBBiE in Oz