Sunday, January 8, 2012

New year, new goals........I hope

I can't believe it's actually 2012 and the last time I've updated this blog was in AUGUST!!  I've definitely gotten some stitching done which makes me happy, however I didn't complete nearly as much as I wanted!  I've got so many WIP's I'm intimidated and I'm the one who started them all!

We also had my daughter's sweet 16, that Hurricane Irene decided to crash, but that's a whole 'nother blog!!

I'm also sad to say I've lost my stitching mojo =(.  I'm desperately trying to reclaim it but it's hard.  I read other's blogs and look at all of their completed work and have pangs of jealously because I'm not completing ANYTHING.  I still love to look though, so thankfully I haven't lost that.  My ILCS group has saved me on more than one occasion, every time I feel like just "packing it all in" I read some emails and get excited again so deep down I know my love for cross stitching is not gone I just have to dig a little deeper to find it.  With that being said I've decided to have a few goals this year (which I NEVER do because I NEVER follow through) however I feel if I start off small, that might just give me the fighting chance I need to actually complete SOMETHING this year :).

Goal 1: to update this at least once a month, even if it's one sentence saying I've gotten nothing done (I'm really hoping I don't have too many of those).

Goal 2: To rotate my WIP's with a few stitches a night.  If I only dedicate myself to maybe 20 or 30 stitches at a time I might get more of my mojo back and who knows those 30 stitches could turn into 100.  Baby steps..... :)

Now, I hope whoever reads this is in good health and has no issues with their mojo, stitching or otherwise ;)......

Happy stitching my friends and wish me luck xxxooo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SAL's are cool!

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone who reads this is having a wonderful day!  I've been a little stressed recently because my daughter's sweet 16 is in 26 days.... AHHHH!!!  I've been planning this thing since late February and I CANNOT believe we're getting down to the wire.  Everything is pretty much done - DJ, decorations, tent, tables, chairs, etc...  All we have to do is get her dress and food, oh and I've got 100 party favors to put together, but hey no pressure right?  I'm also keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that it doesn't rain!  Since the party will be outside and it's late August it's definitely a worry of mine,  we've got family coming in from Virginia and I'd hate to see it rained out =(.

Now on to some stitchy stuff..... I recently joined my first SAL and am stoked!  I've never stitched something the same time as someone else,  the only other person I know who cross stitches is my sister and she lives in Virginia (I'm in NY).  We're stitching Lizzie Kate's Halloween Rules and since I'm such a huge Lizzie Kate fan I just had to jump on that band wagon!  This design can either be stitched one by one or as one big piece.  I'm not completely comfortable with big designs (they intimidate me) but I know I can bang them out if I do them one by one so that's what I'm doing.  Below is my progress of "Eat Candy",  the design really isn't that big and shouldn't take me long to complete it, then it's on to the next....  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Happy stitching all xoxo

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas, blogs, and giveaways.... OH MY!

I know I've been quiet the past few weeks, but I have been getting a lot of stitching done!  Since I'm SUCH a Christmas nut, I've even got a bunch of new designs for Christmas in July!  they are:

Lizzie Kate
 1- Wanted!
 2- Joy Sampler
 3- Christmas is...
 4- Fa la la la la
 5- Christmas Rules - fa la la, honor traditions
 6- Christmas Rules - Listen for Reindeer, hang mistletoe
 7- Christmas Rules - give santa cookies, no pouting

25 stockings and mitten ornaments from Janlynn

Wizzer's Ornaments - O Tanneenbaum

Needless to say I've got A LOT of work ahead of me if I want to be able to give these away as Christmas presents ;)

Now on to the blogs and giveaways!  The below is a link to a fellow cross stitcher who does absolutely BEAU-TI-FUL work.  She's also having a giveaway to celebrate her "blogo-versary", go on over and check it out!  You'll love looking at her work as much as I do!  

Happy Stitching xoxo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

Well I've finally finished my daughters It's a Girl Thing! last night!  I'm stoked because I had to rip out and redo the last 50 or so stitches.  Don't ya just LOVE it when you mis-count??  Here's the finished product!

I started on a new design last night Lizzie Kate's Giggle Boxer series, All you need is Love and Chocolate, and as you can see I've got some some more stitching to do before it's done ;). I'm not sure how much stitching I'll get done this weekend, between my kids, cleaning and possibly meeting up w/ a friend I haven't seen in 16 years my plate is a little full.

And speaking of one of my monsters.... I mean my son, this is the face I look at every day that makes me forget everything else I have to do.  It's like he's my drug of choice and I'm addicted *sigh*.  I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to, say for instance knitting *shudders*..... just the thought of knitting and I break out into hives!  Not because I hate it but because to get my hands to do what my brain says would take an act of congress!  It's just nigh impossible!  However I do love to look at what others knit, I find the finished products to be beautiful.  

Oh well thanks for taking the time to read my blog, since I'm a newbie to the whole blogosphere please be patient with me, and as always comments are much appreciated!

Happy stitching all!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New day new blog....

Hello everyone!  If you're reading this then you are reading my very first blog!   This is my attempt at keeping up a blog because I'm told by my family I tend to have a lot to say (hmm..... not sure if I should be upset at that or not) so I figured I'd find a place to vent!  The majority of it will be about my stitching and photography with cute little anecdotes about my children because Lord knows they drive me batty but I adore them and all their craziness!  For instance:  we were driving home from our camping trip over the memorial day weekend and my son (who's 4) was in the back seat watching The Smurfs.  Some jerk decides to cut off my boyfriend so he proceeds to yell out "What the smurf are you doing jerk-off?!".  My son says "yeah jerk-off!".  I proceed to smack my boyfriend on the arm he looks sheepish and we pray my son doesn't add that to his vocabulary.  It's things like that that make me smile AND cringe, and trust me all that and then some will somehow find its way into my blog.

I have a few WIP's mostly Lizzie Kate's, but the one I'm stitching at the very moment is: It's a Girl Thing! for my oldest daughter, as you can see I'm almost done with only 2 more petals to go!  YAY!!  I haven't decided if I want to make it into a pillow or just frame it.  Decisions, decisions.....

Another WIP is Lizzie Kate's Spring B03.  For some reason this is giving me problems!  I've taken out and re-stitched more than I would've liked so I'm walking away from it.... for now. Trust me though, I'll be back.

Also, please pardon my blog's appearance it too is a WIP and I'm sure I'll re-design it AT LEAST 20 times until I'm happy with it =).