Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SAL's are cool!

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone who reads this is having a wonderful day!  I've been a little stressed recently because my daughter's sweet 16 is in 26 days.... AHHHH!!!  I've been planning this thing since late February and I CANNOT believe we're getting down to the wire.  Everything is pretty much done - DJ, decorations, tent, tables, chairs, etc...  All we have to do is get her dress and food, oh and I've got 100 party favors to put together, but hey no pressure right?  I'm also keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that it doesn't rain!  Since the party will be outside and it's late August it's definitely a worry of mine,  we've got family coming in from Virginia and I'd hate to see it rained out =(.

Now on to some stitchy stuff..... I recently joined my first SAL and am stoked!  I've never stitched something the same time as someone else,  the only other person I know who cross stitches is my sister and she lives in Virginia (I'm in NY).  We're stitching Lizzie Kate's Halloween Rules and since I'm such a huge Lizzie Kate fan I just had to jump on that band wagon!  This design can either be stitched one by one or as one big piece.  I'm not completely comfortable with big designs (they intimidate me) but I know I can bang them out if I do them one by one so that's what I'm doing.  Below is my progress of "Eat Candy",  the design really isn't that big and shouldn't take me long to complete it, then it's on to the next....  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Happy stitching all xoxo


  1. Hope you have a great party. Love the Halloween piece, have fun with it!

  2. Very cute Halloween stuff. Good luck with your party.

  3. Your LK looks good so far!

    Hope the party goes well.